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Great Spirits Ranch, nestled in the mountains of Malibu, is approximately 17 acres of privately-owned rolling countryside, encompassing vineyards, artistic and unique locations, manicured out-buildings and a tribal village.  Here, you'll enjoy unsurpassed views of the ocean, mountains, Lake Sherwood and Westlake Village.

Blessed with an incredible 1.5 acre parking pad, suitable for large vehicles and craft service, as well as 24' wide access with plenty of turnarounds, Great Spirits Ranch is your ideal location for film or TV shoots and events, from intimate to epic in scale.

Ethics:  Great Spirits Ranch is at one with its abundant natural wildlife.  The sacred flow of positive, balanced energy on the ranch is honored at all times.  We welcome film, TV and event productions that are respectful to our land, while reserving the right to refuse any and all egos.